Hi. I’m Matt Stansberry, an Ohio-based writer focusing on natural history and biodiversity.


I lived in Oregon for a while and contributed to national fishing magazines, including On The Water and The Fly Fish Journal.

Flyfish Journal

Now I live on the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, south of Cleveland with my wife and three young sons and write essays about the wildlife of the industrial Midwest. Belt Magazine published a collection of the first volume of essays titled Redhorse Volume 1.



Reader comments from Redhorse:
Matt Stansberry explains cogently why children need to be outdoors and close to nature and how they instinctively respond and learn from it. The pictures and the words interact, enriching his ideas and experiences. With him we rejoice in the coming of spring, we mourn the passing of our bats, we are awed by the life teeming in the cold, clear creeks of Lake County, and we come away with a deep respect and reverence for the wisdom of those who not long before us preserved and protected our natural heritage.

As a scientist I especially appreciate the works because they are so thoroughly researched from a scientific standpoint, yet the writing style is so engaging and far from dry. It is difficult to make topics like ecology so easily digestible and interesting for everyone, and these essays do the best job of it that I’ve seen yet.

This interview with WCPN’s Dee Perry offers insight into my upbringing and background.

Many of the articles feature artwork by my friend and collaborator, David Wilson.