Print Club

I started making linocut prints during the pandemic.

I posted photos of the prints online and got the idea to start a print club. People sent me $30 to get an original of each of the prints I create in the calendar year 2020. I will continue to post the prints to this page so ya’ll can keep track of my progress.

Some quick background and what to expect.

I’m not a trained artist or print maker. I picked some cheap supplies up on a whim and started messing around.

I’m trying a lot of things. Some of them work, some don’t. Print club members get the best versions I can create. Each print is different when you have so little skill, but happy accidents happen. I’m shooting for quality, not necessarily consistency.

I’ve carved and pressed thirteen prints so far. That means if I don’t make another single print all year, folks will have paid under $2.30 per piece of original art.

The folks who signed up are mostly online pals and wonderful strangers. There are not enough of you to cause me any headaches. If you saw a version of a print with a specific ink, or paper you really wanted, or just have a request, I’m happy to oblige.

This model, which may actually exist, is kind of like a CSA (community supported agriculture). You’re buying in for the year and we’ll both see what you get. Community supported art! We’ve pulled together a lot of funds for me to buy supplies to learn how to do this, and I’m going to send you what you’re invested in.

Like that proverbial CSA though, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re supposed to do with all that goddamn kale. So you’ve got 13 new prints from some amateur artist on the internet? And he’s sending more? You like a couple but what the hell are you supposed to do with all these other ones? Well, they’re $2.30 per piece. Decoupage your kids basketball hoop with them. Some are kinda menacing. You could put one in an unaddressed envelope in an enemy’s mailbox and enjoy watching them wrestle with the meaning of such an omen. You could send one to your mom and tell her you made it. You could draw a sigil on one. Or spray it with clear coat and use it as a bookmark. You have options.

The physicality of this process is really interesting to me. The carving into the linoleum has a feeling that is addictive. The inks are viscous and made from all kinds of strange binders and pigments. I have to press the paper transferring the weight of my upper body into my hands, massaging print, running my hands along the ridges of the thing. Different pressures cause different images to appear when I pull the sheet off the plate. Physicality/embodiment/desire has been a focus for me this year, and I’m enjoying this version of that theme.

There are some patterns emerging. The images are largely animals from my home ecosystem, and supernatural creatures from my subconscious. Or the collective unconscious. I am working on a story about landscape, people, divinity and the Utopian future. And hopefully these pieces will wind up in a version of a book, and when you read it, these prints will spark in your mind that I wanted to tell you something about these persons, these creatures like us. Hopefully we’ll see it in print.

I have closed the club for now so I can focus but may re-open it. If you’re desperate, you can shoot me an email at and I’ll see if I can fit one more in. Thanks for reading and being a part of it.

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